Labour law: Change of meal allowance benefit for employees


As of 1 November 2014 the sum of meal allowance payable by the employer to employees on business trips shall increase in the following way:

(a) business trip lasting 5 - 12 hours: EUR 4.20,

(b) business trip lasting 12 - 18 hours: EUR 6.30, and

(c) business trip lasting over 18 hours: EUR 9.80.

The maximum sum of the employer’s contribution to the catering of its employees increases as well, to the sum of EUR 2.31 from 1 November 2014.

If the employer provides its employee with catering in the form of meal vouchers the value of each meal voucher shall amount to EUR 3.15 at minimum as of 1 November 2014 (75% of EUR 4.20).

The Measure of the Ministry of Labour, Social Matters and Family was published in the Slovak Official Journal under No. 296/2014 in the File No. 91/2014. The Slovak version is available here.

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